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『壹』 网络营销方面的翻译!

Amazon excellence as the world's largest retailer of Chinese books, the Chinese one of the largest online mall, make unremitting efforts to focus on the customer experience, providing customers with low prices, convenience, there is a wide range of choices of procts, customer demand for primary work with a full range of services. According to customer needs at different stages, to take a variety of network marketing, such as search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), site specific banner ads, e-mail marketing, viral marketing online marketing technology to enhance marketing efficiency, the establishment of marketing functions, and more use of Internet marketing the conversion of the marketing strategy and improve the corporate marketing model, driven the rapid development of enterprises to become successful B2C e-commerce operators, as well as high-quality resources, logistics, after-sales service conditions, and further to become the representative of the Chinese e-commerce shopping websites, highlights the network marketing companies in e-commerce play an important role.
Excellence Model of the Amazon network marketing from the consumer e-commerce trends and changes in psychological characteristics and constraints at the present stage of development of consumer marketing analysis of psychological factors to explore the face of a modern enterprise network specific psychological consumers in order to break through the traditional business way of thinking, inherent in the reform of marketing strategy, marketing approach for enterprises to build a new operation mechanism.

Key words: Internet Marketing e-commerce customer experience

『贰』 求一篇关于电子商务或者网络营销的外文翻译 带原文和出处






『叁』 急求一份关于网络营销的英文文献及翻译


《Integrated internet marketing》RT Watson,2000

《Marketing to postmodern consumers introcing the internet chameleon》G Simmons , 2008

《Marketing on the Internet- who can benefit from an online marketing approach》MY Kiang, 2000


『肆』 网络营销用英文怎么翻译

Network Marketing

『伍』 我是做网络营销的翻译


I was doing internet marketing

Network Marketing; Internet Marketing; E-Marketing;On-line Marketing

『陆』 急求一份关于网络营销的英文文献及翻译

A, web strategy

In the network market space enterprise website which represents the enterprise's own image. So you must:

1. Take good website propaganda and strengthen url

2. Carefully planned site structure

3. Maintaining a website great effort

2. Proct strategy

1. 企业可以通过分析网上的消费者总体特征来确定最适合在网上销售的产品。
1. The enterprise can through the analysis of online consumer's overall characteristics to determine the most suitable for online sales of procts.

2. 产品的市场涵盖面要广。
2. The proct was much broader coverage of the market.

3. 与客户直接交流,为其提供个性化的服务。
3. Communicate directly with customers, providing personalized service.

3. The price strategy

1. Enterprises can develop a automatic adjustment system, at the same time can also carry out market research, and access to relevant information to adjust the price.

2. 开发智慧型议价系统与消费者直接在网上协商价格。
2. The development of the intelligent negotiation system and consumers directly to negotiate prices on the Internet.

3. Enterprises can open in this enterprise from concept to consumer prices in the catalog are proceres, prompt consumers to make purchase decisions.

4. The promotion strategy

1. 网络广告是目前较为普遍的促销方式。
1. Online advertising is the common way of promotion.

2. 利用网络聊天的功能开展消费者联谊活动或在线产品展销活动和推广活动。
2. The using function of network chat, the consumer fellowship activities or online proct exhibitions and promotional activities.

3. 与非竞争性的厂商进行线上促销联盟。
3. The online promotion alliance with non competitive vendors.

4. 将网络文化与产品广告相融合,借助网络文化的特点来吸引消费者。
4. Network culture and the integration of proct advertising, with the characteristics of network culture to attract consumers.

5. The channel strategy

1. 结合相关产业的公司,共同在网络上设点销售系列产品。
1. Combining with the related instry company, second-hand sale series of procts on the Internet.

2. 在企业网站上设立虚拟店铺。
2. In the enterprise to set up a virtual store on the website.

3. 可直接利用电子邮件进行线上购物,也可通过划拨电汇付款,由企业通过邮局邮寄或送货上门进行货物交割。
3. Can be directly use E-mail for online shopping, also can through the transfer by t/t payment, by company to delivery goods by post mail or door-to-door delivery.

6. The network marketing customer service

Through the implementation of an interactive marketing strategy, to provide satisfactory customer service is the key to the success of many enterprises network marketing. The main tool of customer service online email, electronic BBS, FAQ, etc

『柒』 高分悬赏啊。求一篇或者两篇 关于网络营销外文以及翻译


『捌』 网络营销英文怎么翻译

network marketing或者cyber marketing 很简单的!!!

『玖』 求一篇网络营销、网络推广类的英文文献及翻译,需包括出处、作者,字数最好1万字左右。


『拾』 关于网络营销的翻译中,目前国内比较常用的是什么


Network Marketing



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